Our Brands

Future Foods is a food conglomerate based in Haderslev, specializing in providing private label products for the food industry. In addition to Future Foods, the group also operates Hanegal, Nr. Onsild and TopFood, each specializing in their own areas within charcuterie. Our main focus is on quality, innovation, and customized solutions, all centered around you and your specific needs.

Hanegal A/S

Hanegal is a well-established organic brand, renowned for its sausages, cold cuts, and ready meals. Driven by ambition, attitude, and action, Hanegal is committed to producing high-quality food products with sustainability and animal welfare at the forefront. Continual efforts are made to improve production processes and packaging.

Hanegal’s range is available to both retail and foodservice customers.

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Nr. Onsild A/S

Nr. Onsild is renowned for supplying Danish food culture to restaurants, institutions, and canteens. While our meatballs are available in various flavors, the classic handmade meatball remains our top seller! Over time, other delectable delicacies from our range have also gained popularity among Danish culinary enthusiasts.

Nr. Onsild’s offerings are tailored to foodservice customers.

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Top Food ApS

At Top Food, flavor and quality are evident in every bite! We’re known for our expertise in sous vide and burger patties, catering to canteens, restaurants, institutions, and similar establishments. Our products are held to high standards, and we always meet expectations. You can rely on us to consistently provide top-notch products at a fair price.

Top Food’s range is available to foodservice customers.

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