Nr. Onsild – Where authentic craftsmanship and food traditions unite.

Welcome to Nr. Onsild. In our world, handmade quality isn’t just a promise; it’s a living reality.

Our passion for our craft shines in every bite. From the renowned Nr. Onsild meatballs, crafted with love and precision, to a diverse array of traditional Danish delicacies, each dish is made with the same care and attention to detail.

Discover the difference with Nr. Onsild, where every ingredient is thoughtfully chosen, and every step of the process respects age-old craftsmanship. Our aim is to bring you an authentic taste of Denmark, right to your table. Our products embody genuine culinary delight, designed to evoke cherished memories and create new ones.

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Our history

Nr. The history of Nr. Onsild traces back to North Jutland at Nr. Onsild’s Slagtehus and spans generations. It all began with Anne Kirstine Madsen, the butcher’s wife, who had her special recipe for meatballs. Her secret? Quality meat, the perfect seasoning, and that classic meatball flavor – a tradition that continues today. While our range has expanded to include a wider selection of Danish and international classics, the taste remains just as delicious.

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Dedicated to taste and quality.

Despite being located in Haderslev, we remain faithful to the original meatball recipe, crafting each batch with expertise, dedication, and a commitment to quality craftsmanship. We meticulously chop and blend the minced meat in small portions, stirring it for just the right duration to achieve the perfect texture and consistency. Every meatball is lovingly shaped by our skilled staff, then cooked on large pans, imparting them with an authentic handmade appearance and flavor. As a result, our Nr. Onsild meatballs may vary slightly in weight and boast the same irregular shape as those made by Grandma Anne Kirstine.

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Product assortment

While we’re famous for our meatballs, our offerings extend far beyond that! It all began with the “Nr. Onsild frikadelle, but since then, our product range has expanded significantly. Nr. Onsild prides itself on its remarkable flexibility, constantly innovating to introduce new variations of existing products and entirely new offerings to the market. Our goal is always to deliver the best products, maintaining the quality that defines Nr. Onsild. That’s why we confidently declare, “we’re good at what we do – and you can taste it.”

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Contact information

Nr. Onsild ApS
Niels Bohrs Vej 5
DK – 6100 Haderslev

Phone : +45 98 52 00 22

VAT no. 36937912