Sustainable development

Future Foods is dedicated to sustainability, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards, and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. In our daily operations, we emphasize ecological practices, reducing our carbon footprint, cutting down on food waste, and much more. Our firm commitment to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals means that we run our business with these objectives in mind. This approach allows us to create value not just for our customers, but also for the environment, animals, and the planet as a whole. We are deeply committed to extensive efforts in animal welfare, environmental protection, and social responsibility, enabling you to serve our products with pride and a clear conscience.

Working with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Future Food actively works with several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through a number of specific initiatives.

We work to promote gender equality and empower women in the food sector (goal no. 5), by offering equal opportunities for education and employment within our company. Our investments in responsible water use and wastewater disposal, renewable energy, and energy efficiency (goals no. 6 + 7) help reduce our climate footprint and promote sustainable development.

Furthermore, we support innovation and infrastructure (target no. 9) through research and development of new sustainable production methods and distribution systems. Our efforts to reduce inequality (goal no. 10) includes work for fair wages and working conditions for all our employees and partners.

We promote responsible consumption and production (goal no. 12) by minimizing our food waste, using resources efficiently, and promoting reuse and recycling throughout our supply chain. Finally, our efforts support climate action (goal no. 13) through concrete actions such as reducing our CO2 emissions and supporting projects that work towards climate adaptation and resilience. At Future Food, we are committed to act to create a more sustainable and just world for future generations.

Green certificate Green certificate Overgaard Wind Farm

Our concrete initiatives

We are organically certified with over 40 years of experience in producing organic products. Organic practices are crucial across all our production lines, with Hanegal being our standout, fully organic flagship brand.

Future Food is fully committed to the green transition, notably by investing in a wind turbine park north of Randers as a distinct initiative to actively support green energy development.

Social responsibility is a core value at Future Food, where we prioritize creating a safe and positive work environment. Emphasizing diversity and inclusion, our company embraces a broad spectrum of cultures.

We believe that prioritizing animal welfare guides our approach to meat sourcing. Our strong emphasis on organic products aligns with our commitment to improving animal welfare standards.